Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Build a pricing strategy well-aligned with your vision and offering both attractiveness and profitability.


1. Your needs
  • Develop pricings that are both profitable and attractive, and well-aligned with your vision and position on the market
  • Build a clear pricing strategy, allowing you to differentiate your prices depending on the level of added value sought by your clients and targets
  • Raise the communications skills related to pricing amongst your partners and associates
  • Identify the various types of alternative fee arrangements that can be set, depending on the assignment


2. Our solutions
  • Analyzing the firm’s costs, total income and profitability, per department and/or practice areas, and by added-value level of services provided (cost-plus approach vs added-value approach)
  • Running a tailormade clients & targets survey on pricing practices in order to identify the prices that they are used to or willing to pay per type of services
  • Identifying pricing impacts on the firm’s 5 intangible assets
  • Building upon our in-depth legal departments knowledge and benchmark data to identify the best alternative fee arrangement policy or your firm
  • Training your lawyers on communications related to setting and discussing prices with clients


3. Our deliverables
  • Clients and targets pricing survey
  • Pricing Strategy Report, including: costs and profitability assessment; identification of likely impacts on the firm’s vision, client portfolio, human capital, organization and knowledge; and actionable recommendations
  • Guidelines related to fee arrangements definition
  • Training on communications related to pricing and billing

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