International Development

International Development

Set an efficient and tailored regional or multi-regional development strategy to sustain your growth.


1. Your needs
  • Identify the best strategy to develop your business internationally
  • Identify business opportunities at the international level
  • Optimize your current international organization
  • Implement the international development
  • Assess each potential development market for your firm in a given region
  • Analyse the firm’s positioning on that region: brand perception, reputation, firm profile, thought leadership, competitive position
  • Define and validate expansion strategy: go/no go, opportunities identification, offers development, repositioning, skills acquisition, etc


2. Our solutions
  • International strategy identification: assess the firm’s strategy, strengths & weaknesses, client portfolio; validate the most appropriate strategy (international brand development, alliances, best friends network, integrated network, skills acquisition…)
  • International network development: Mapping countries/regions macro-economic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and analyzing industry markets
  • Prioritizing key target countries and markets through an analysis of the firm’s client portfolio and influencers network
  • Running firm’s positioning and competitive analyses
  • Defining a development plan with strategic and actionable recommendations


3. Our deliverables
  • Identification/prioritization of key target countries/regions and industry markets for the firm’s development
  • Analysis of the firm’s positioning and brand perception in targeted region(s) and its main competitors market shares and position
  • Action plan with strategic recommendations and an implementation agenda

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