Governance & Partnership Policy

Governance & Partnership Policy

Define a partnership policy aligned with the overall strategy, positioning and values of your firm.


1. Your needs
  • Articulate a relevant governance & partnership policy to support the relatively new transformations in your firm
  • Prepare a governance framework to be able to cope with the development of your firm
  • Provide better visibility and clarity on the criteria for « full partnership »


2. Our solutions
  • Assessing the current governance & partnership policy and determine the appropriate format of the new one
  • Building the new policy through workshops with the partners: type of partner (equity or non-equity), roles and responsibilities, compensation system, …
  • Drafting the main rules of the partnership policy in terms of governance and process of identification of a potential candidate


    3. Our deliverables
    • Report including partners needs and concerns, analysis of the scenarios and impact…
    • Draft of set rules of the partnership policy: criteria, process
    • Recommendations in terms of planning and communication, change management and partners buy-in

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