Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Find the tools that meet your firm’s needs and expectations.


1. Your needs
  • Understand what “digitize the firm” means
  • Identify the opportunities of digitization in your firm to improve efficiency in both legal work production and management of the firm
  • Identify and implement the most relevant tools for your firm in an ocean of digital tools


2. Our solutions
  • Digital seminar with the teams: getting the firm onboard of the legal transformation by identifying and prioritizing digital projects in one day
  • Digital audit: analyzing the main processes (production and management) of the firm; identifying and prioritizing digital needs (from lawyers and clients’ perspective); defining the digital roadmap and relevant tools
  • Digital tools selection: validating processes to be optimized; writing the functional specifications; identifying the most appropriate tools; supporting the tender process


3. Our deliverables
  • List of digital opportunities for the firm
  • Digital roadmap: timeline, roles and responsibilities
  • Short list of relevant tools and providers
  • Functional specifications
  • Digital tools mapping
  • Digital budget estimate

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