Business Development Strategy

Business Development Strategy

Build an efficient BD strategy to foster homogeneous, successful and consistent development.


1. Your needs
  • Hold a clear vision of your firm’s Pareto Law and its business development (BD) strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify key opportunities and markets for the firm’s growth
  • Foster a cross-selling culture among partners
  • Develop a clear and efficient BD plan for your firm and for each partner
  • Create a key accounts strategy and plan


2. Our solutions
  • Analyzing the firm’s client portfolio, its key accounts and its influencers relationships network
  • Prioritizing key markets for development through an analysis of major trends and target expectations
  • Defining a key accounts BD plan and a cross-selling strategy, with milestones, courses of action and related compensation
  • Running a TIMES (Trends, Ideas, Media, Events, Stakeholders) analysis for each key market or key client identified


3. Our deliverables
  • Report on the firm’s portfolio, influencers network, BD strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, with strategic recommendations
  • Key accounts BD plan
  • Cross-selling strategy
  • TIMES analyses model
  • BD plan for the firm and/or each partner

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