Next Black Swan for Legal

Next Black Swan for Legal

Anticipate legal role in times of crisis management for business continuity planning in case of a new black swan.


1. Your needs
  • Build the robustness of the legal department to negative events (“next Black Swan for legal”) and its ability to exploit positive events
  • Anticipate legal role in times of crisis management for business continuity planning
  • Federate the team around the management of this crisis and the building of the aftermath
  • Ensure your Legal Service Delivery Model evolves with business strategy
  • Be better prepared for inevitable economic downturns
  • Align the entire Legal Department on new business issues and upcoming risks
2. Our solutions
  • Building on previous crisis (9/11, SRAS, H5N1, Subprime Crisis, COVID-19…) and lessons learned
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses in crisis management by analyzing team feedback (organization, offer, skills, contractual policy, positioning…)
  • Reviewing crisis management mode: governance, process, skills, tools and communication guidelines
  • Analyzing budget: digital enabler, internal resources, external resources
  • Marketing the role  and the value of the legal function in times of crisis
  • Re-assessing the legal department vision and mission statement


    3. Our deliverables
    • SWOT Analysis and lessons learned from previous black swan events to anticipate next black swan for legal
    • Define new ways of working and smart collaboration among lawyers and internal stakeholders
    • Anticipate crisis management process and organization with Top management (crisis management guide)
    • Action plan with limited, prioritized, actionable and detailed recommendations
    • Legal budget (including different scenarios and economic downturns)
    • Legal role in upcoming crisis management / black swan event.

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