Legal Cost Optimization

Legal Cost Optimization

Building an efficient legal function aligned with business priorities while focusing on legal cost optimization.


1. Your needs
  • Limit or reduce internal and/or external legal costs
  • Ensure efficiency throughout the legal team and performance of the highest added-value services
  • Focus on the most critical and strategic issues for your company and de-prioritize non-essential projects
  • Identify the right “Machine versus Human” and “Make or buy” mixes
  • Build a strong and adequate budget (with cost-efficient mindset) and set guidelines to monitor legal spend evolution thoroughly


    2. Our solutions
      • Creating a legal cost optimization roadmap with a clear identification of project outcomes and stakeholders responsibilities and priorities
      • Running a “push analysis” in order to reallocate legal tasks (“unbundling legal services”) in the most efficient and cost-saving manner, through 6 main axes: push down, push away, push out, pull in, stop it and digitize it
      • Benchmarking with “best in class” cost-efficient legal organization
      • Mapping and improving legal services providers selection and externalization process in order to optimize quality for cost
      • Setting and improving the right “Machine versus Human” mix and “Make or Buy” mix for the department
      • Defining prioritization areas and guidelines and setting a legal strategic planning through dedicated interviews with your main internal stakeholders and a planification tool
      • Analyzing budget (digital enabler, internal resources, external resources) and setting relevant budget KPIs and monitoring guidelines


          3. Our deliverables
          • Legal cost optimization roadmap: outcomes, timelines, priorities, roles and responsibilities
          • Unbundling legal services through a push analysis of legal tasks: push down, push away, push out, pull in, stop it and digitize it
          • Outside counsel and Legal service providers selection and externalization process and mapping
          • Legal projects prioritization
          • List of digital opportunities that will optimize costs and efficiency
          • Tailored strategic planning tool and internal stakeholders’ interview guidelines
          • Budget analysis and monitoring guidelines (with the relevant KPIs)
          • Budget planning and budget tool to monitor legal costs

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