Legal Risk Mapping

Legal Risk Mapping

Precisely identify all the risks for each process, assess them and define a tailor-made action plan.


1. Your needs
  • Enable in-house lawyers to focus on priorities aligned with the company’s top risks
  • Have a global and prioritised view of the main legal risks and their impact on the business
  • Enable all employees to share a common culture and language on risks


      2. Our solutions
        • Building strong risk assessment, through in-depth analysis of the company’s value chain, definition of the legal value chain, validation of risk typology, level of impact and likelihood, and assessment of risks with in-house lawyers
        • Defining mitigation plan, through identification of top risks by weighing up/down various business and geographic factors, and through the organization of workshops to set and draft the mitigation plan


        3. Our deliverables
        • Dynamic legal risk mapping
        • Dynamic dashboards reports
        • Digitized risk sheets
        • Action plan



        Our dynamic Legal risk mapping & Risk sheet


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