Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Assess the “Machine versus Human” mix from your Legal department and redesign your processes with digital tools and workflows.


1. Your needs
  • Understand what “digitize the legal function” means
  • Identify the opportunities of digitization in your legal department to improve efficiency and focus in-house lawyers on high value work thanks to digital and robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Analyze how to move from document to data to insight and embed legal digital tools with business tools
  • Identify and implement the most relevant tools for your legal function in an ocean of digital tools
  • Anticipate change management pitfalls


2. Our solutions
  • Getting the team onboard of the legal transformation by identifying and prioritizing digital projects during a one-day session with the legal team
  • Running a digital audit through: an analysis of the 9 main processes of the legal function and their digital maturity, and an identification/prioritization of digital needs (from legal and internal clients’ perspective)
  • Defining the digital roadmap and relevant tools
  • Selecting and implementing digital tools through: optimized process definition, functional specifications drafting, identification of most appropriate tools, support of the tender process, and digital PMO (see Digital Tools Selection and RFP Drafting)
  • Assessing and benchmarking the right tools and digital solutions, thanks to our digital database gathering information from more than 670 legaltechs and regtechs around the world


3. Our deliverables
  • Digital roadmap: timeline, roles and responsibilities
  • List of digital opportunities for the legal department
  • Short list of relevant tools and providers
  • Functional specifications
  • Digital tools mapping
  • Digital budget estimate
  • Change management plan

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