Contract Management Policy

Contract Management Policy

Formalize an efficient managing contract creation, implementation, storage and analysis process.


1. Your needs
  • Focus lawyers on contracts with higher added value and a high level of risk
  • Ensure fluidity of the contractualization process in order to gain time, maximise operational performance and minimise risk
  • Digitize the contracting process


2. Our solutions
  • Aligning contract management practices of all the stakeholders in the contracting process
  • Map contracts typologies in order to define the criteria for lawyer’s intervention by defining the contracts that can: (i) be carried out by a lawyer, (ii) be carried out by internal clients with the assistance of lawyers, (iii) be outside the lawyers’ field of activity


3. Our deliverables
  • A designed optimized contractual process with at each stage: the actions carried out, the department responsible for the action, the tool, the key principles (including a visual)
  • Intervention criteria of the Legal Department
  • The deployment plan (change management)

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