Corporate 2.0

Corporate 2.0

Design and implement a digitized corporate process to move to Corporate 2.0 for legal.


1. Your needs
  • Set up a digitalized process for managing the corporate life of the Group’s subsidiaries & shareholdings.
  • Ensure decision-making of the governance bodies especially in the time of COVID and POST-COVID (virtual holding meetings of the company’s social bodies)
  • Ensure, with all stakeholders, fluidity of the approval of accounts process to gain time and maximise performance
  • Dematerialize the Group’s corporate documentation (securities registers, minutes, attendance records, etc.) to face the next Black Swan scenario or the next big thing
  • Centralize and share corporate data in a single source of truth
  • Identify and implement the most relevant tools for your organization in an ocean of digital tools


    2. Our solutions
    • Aligning all stakeholders in an “end-to-end” optimized corporate process (from the generation of the act to its registration)
    • Using our benchmark, select and implement digital relevant tools (board room, company housekeeping, electronic signature, online polling software…)(see Digital Tools Selection & RFP Drafting)
    • Getting the team onboard for the transformation digital roadmap
    • Designing legal digital project management plan (objectives, milestones, stakeholders, budget…)
    • Designing reporting and dashboard


    3. Our deliverables
    • A designed and optimized Corporate 2.0 legal process with at each stage: actions carried out, department responsible for action, tools (including legal project management dashboard)
    • Support to tenders: write functional specifications, short list of relevant tools and providers, screen offers
    • Design independent RFP scorecard to identify the vendor that best fits your needs
    • Assistance on tools implementation
    • Change management and communication plan

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