Tone from the Top

Tone from the Top

Design the right Tone from the Top aligned with your corporate values and the market best practices.


1. Your needs
    • Maintain a culture of loyalty, fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity
    • Demonstrate the commitment of senior and middle management in the implementation of a robust compliance program
    • Communicate your commitment towards a zero-tolerance principle for unethical acts


    2. Our solutions
    • Understanding the Company’s values, through interviews and/or workshops with your Company’s main stakeholders
    • Identifying language and tools used by the Management in order to put the values in best-suited words
    • Benchmarking your market values
    • Defining your key messages
    • Drafting the tone from the top and setting the related communication plan


    3. Our deliverables
    • Market best practices Benchmark
    • Key messages (validated by the Top Management)
    • Detailed communication action plan: concrete and realistic actions with owners for each action, clear deadlines, detailed roadmap, etc., tailored for your business and specific activities.

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