Risk Mapping

Risk Mapping

Map your corruption risks to comply with anti-corruption regulation requirements (Sapin 2, etc.).


1. Your needs
  • Meet the requirements of anti-corruption regulations
  • Identify and address the exposure of your activities, departments or processes to corruption risks
  • Ensure the effectiveness of existing corruption prevention systems to secure your processes from end to end


2. Our solutions
  • Running exhaustive review of your processes to identify potential corruption risks and risk situations by interviewing company’s key stakeholders
  • Assessing risk corruption through a qualitative (one-to-one interviews) or quantitative approach (a secured web-based questionnaire)
  • Building the risk mitigation plan through the validation of top risks by weighing up/down various business and geographic factors
  • Defining Tone from the top actions
  • Building upon our project management skills, tools and methodologies to support your team in dealing with anti-bribery compliance project


    3. Our deliverables
    • Gap analysis report
    • An improved and easy-to-deploy methodology including Tone from the Top actions
    • Risk mapping report
    • Action plan adapted to the level of risk
    • Dynamic Corruption Risk mapping
    • Digitized risk sheets

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