Project Management (PMO)

Project Management (PMO)

Manage your Compliance projects efficiently with roadmaps, milestones, dashboards & governance.


1. Your needs
  • Make sure your projects are well defined and efficiently implemented, meeting your Quality, Cost and Deadlines (“QCD”) objectives
  • Identify key stakeholders (participating, evaluating, influencing)
  • Map all the important tasks and milestones
  • Have efficient meetings with the right agenda, the right participants and the right outcome
  • Communicate around and about your projects and the value they bring to the organization


2. Our solutions
  • Building the best-fitted project management team & appointing responsibilities of each member
  • Creating for you a clear roadmap with efficient & realistic deadlines and milestones
  • Avoiding useless and time-consuming meetings
  • Getting concrete action items for attendees after the meetings
  • Updating the projects plans & dashboards on a regular basis, focusing on pre-determined KPIs
  • Using adapted digital tools for collaborative & efficient work


3. Our deliverables
  • Shared objectives among key stakeholders
  • Roadmaps (Gantt, planning, To do list, work program…)
  • Dashboards & KPIs (using business intelligence digital collaborative tools)
  • Actions items & issue logs
  • ROX: Return On Experience
  • Marketing plan

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