Organisation & Structure

Organisation & Structure

Assess, optimize, redesign and align your compliance department organization, structure and policy.


1. Your needs
  • Align the compliance organization with the company’s strategy, policies and structure
  • Assess and optimize your organizational structure following a reorganization, restructuration or transformation objective
  • Streamline and simplify process and way of interacting with key stakeholders
  • Break organizational silos and enhance collaboration within your department


2. Our solutions
  • Identifying major compliance needs in line with the company’s strategy and culture, by interviewing key stakeholders, top management, in-house lawyers and the GC
  • Analyzing key processes and tools of the compliance function
  • Benchmarking with “best in class” compliance organization
  • Analyzing the right “Machine versus Human” mix and “Make or Buy” mix
  • Working with compliance team to assess strengths and weaknesses, design the new organizational structure and its operational implications
  • Driving change management and action plan


3. Our deliverables
  • Enhanced or new organizational structure with the right matrix (expertise versus strategy/needs versus geography)
  • Enhanced or new policies and ways of working
  • Change management plan
  • Action plan to implement and communicate the new organizational structure

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