Third Party Due diligence

Third Party Due diligence

Build an efficient Third Party Due Diligence Plan aligned with local and international regulations.


1. Your needs
  • Comply with local and international regulations related to third parties
  • Ensure best level of ethics & compliance among your company’s third parties in line with your own ethics & compliance vision and reputation
  • Mitigate business risks related to engaged third parties being sanctioned


2. Our solutions
    • Identifying and classifying all company’s third parties in order to set a priority group for the process implementation
    • Defining rules, assessment criteria, tasks ownership and screening tools usage related to documentation and information collection and analysis
    • Designing and drafting processes related to third parties retention/exclusion decision and to documentation conservation
    • Setting both preventive actions to raise awareness of your third parties and mitigate risks and a control of assessment plan
    • Developing project management capability to manage all functions and expertise involved in the third party due diligence process


    3. Our deliverables
    • Third parties mapping and prioritization
    • Documentation collection and information screening/analysis plan
    • Third parties retention/exclusion decision-making and archiving process
    • Prevention and control of assessment plan

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