DPO Function Creation

DPO Function Creation

Set up a well-positioned DPO Function, with a Network that is legible and aligned with the organisation.


1. Your needs
  • Structure and communicate your commitment to data protection
  • Guarantee data protection policy’s application and messages dissemination as close as possible to the field
  • Infuse a data privacy culture and make sure that the Data Privacy requirements are understood and applied
  • Identify the best digital data privacy tool, fitting with your needs


    2. Our solutions
    • Running in-depth diagnosis in order to choose the best-suited option to the organization, its business, its objectives, its rhythm and its culture
    • Setting up a DPO Function and structuring an integrated network of correspondents
    • Defining data privacy function role and scope within the organization and its interaction with legal and compliance functions
    • Ensuring project management (PMO) and regular communication through each stage of the project cycle
    • Designing and implementing data privacy tools and processes


    3. Our deliverables
    • Organizational structure (mission statement, role, scope, profile, structure, interactions with legal and/or compliance…)
    • Community animation, including capitalization on existing or future collaborative tools
    • Data privacy toolkit (role definition, processes, reporting tool, KPIs…)
    • Communication plan

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