Morocco | Mirror study on legal departments and law firms | 2017

A mirror survey asks the exact same questions to two different sets of people. Published in 2017, the Mirror study on Legal Departments and business law firms in Morocco: A changing relationship sheds light on the transformation of the relationship between legal departments and business law firms.

The Legal Department has developed a growing influence on the company’s strategic decisions, particularly because it has been able to get closer to its internal clients and recruit more qualified profiles. Law firms have lost their informational advantage, forcing them to review their business model, the way they deliver their services and their billing terms. They also need to know more about their clients’ business.

The main results were presented by Axel Jurgensen, partner at Day One, at a conference held on 3 May 2016 in Casablanca. About fifty Legal Directors of large companies and Managing Partners of law firms were present.



Day One interviewed nearly 40 General Counsel and Managing Partners of corporate law firms between August 2015 and April 2016. They responded to the same questions, both open-ended (qualitative) and closed-ended (quantitative).

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Day One : Conférence Etude Miroir Maroc : Directions juridiques et cabinets d’avocats – Une relation en mutation

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