Next is different | Study Day One

Next is different | Study Day One

Next is different

We believe companies succeed on their markets whenever they align their organization.And resources with their strategy, optimizing collaboration and sharing knowledge and innovation. We also believe that organizations, as human beings, have their own life cycle which enable them to grow, evolve but also change and mature.

The new paradigm we’re entering asks for “more for less” or “better with less”. At a certain point, organizations need to figure out the line where improvement can only be reached. Not by doing the same thing better, but by doing things differently. That particular situation is arising when organizations change life cycles or when disruption occurs. Technology, artificial intelligence and global knowledge are creating a paradigm shift in the world today. Yesterday “knowledge was power”, today we believe that “knowledge sharing is power”!

“Yesterday knowledge was power, today we believe that knowledge sharing is power!”

Olivier Chaduteau

No matter what you do or where you are, the only thing we now know for sure is that Next is Different!

Day One will help you figure and live in the new cycle or paradigm. And then by developing collaborative solutions with you and your team. And always challenge status quo, not for the sake of it, but for a better orgnization, a better place and a better world.



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