The Modern Legal Department: Succeeding with Legal Technology | Study Wolters Kluwer & Kalexius

You want to learn and discuss about the impact of digital in legal departments? Join Wolters Kluwer, Kalexius and Day One at “The Modern Legal […]

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Legal operations: a must have for GCs | Study Day One

The CLOO is the Corporate Legal Operations Officer. This new function is designed to help legal departments optimizing the services delivered to their internal clients. Legal […]

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What if general counsels were Pokémon trainers | Study Day One

Because it is holidays and because some of you might have been hunting these days (thanks to the Niantic app “Pokémon Go“), at Day One […]

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Legal project management for in-house lawyers | Study Day One

Legal project management for in-house lawyers | Study Day One This concept is summed up in the title of William D. Henderson’s article[1], “Three Generations […]

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GC Futures summit 2015 in London | Conference Day One

Olivier Chaduteau, Managing Partner at Day One Consulting, participated as a speaker in the GC Futures summit in London on November 9th, 2015. He first […]

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Towards a necessary mobility of in-house lawyers | Study Day One

Mobility is a necessary issue for legal departments. If they want to offer careers to their in-house lawyers, retaining the best among them by making […]

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In-house lawyers should become marketeers! | Study Day One

In-house lawyers should become marketeers! :”Do more with less” has certainly been the most used phrase within legal departments. Since the beginning of the economic […]

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The Legal Department of the Future | Interview Bloomberg BNA

Reproduced with permission from Corporate Counsel Weekly Newsletter, 30 CCW 06, 02/11/2015. Copyright 2015 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033)   The Legal […]

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