Day One in the Top 10 Legal Technology Consulting/Services Companies | Prize CIO Applications Europe

Day One is one of the “Top 10 Legal Technology Consulting/Services Companies” of 2019 According to CIO Applications Europe, a media published in Silicon Valley […]

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New access to the worldwide legaltech & regtech database | Digital Tool Day One

Day One is now giving free access to its worldwide legaltech and regtech database Day One, management consulting firm specialized on the legal & compliance, […]

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Day One at the Stanford CodeX meeting | Interview Stanford Law School

Olivier Chaduteau will be interviewed by Roland Vogl at the next CodeX meeting (Stanford Law School). This will take place Thursday 9/14, from 1.30p to […]

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Embracing digitization: lawyer’s role | Study Day One

Technology and digital redefine the contours of a large number of sectors (music, travel, real estate, taxis…). The legal profession is no exception. And legal […]

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