Day One gives free access to its worldwide “Legaltech & Regtech” database

Day One is now giving free access to its qualified database of 654 legal startups.

Day One, management consulting firm specialized on the legal & compliance market conducted a study focused on the digital impacts on legal services in 2016. Our team have been continuously collecting, updating and structuring Day One “Legaltechs and Regtechs” database since.

As part of our belief that “knowledge sharing” is more successful than “knowledge keeping”, we are glad to make this database open and accessible to anyone interested within the Legal and Compliance community”, indicates Olivier Chaduteau, Day One Managing Partner.

This international database identifies the following information:

  • Targeted sector: BtoB or BtoC
  • Country headquarters
  • Digital process: contract, corporate, IP, compliance, project management, knowledge management, law firms, document management system, litigation
  • Day One Digital Matrix classification:
    • X axes: “Sharing”, “Delivering”, “Decision making”
    • Y axes: “Replace Lawyer”; “Enhance Lawyer”
  • Main area of innovation: Legal data analytics, Predictive justice, Collaborative case management, Administration management, Authenticity/Document protection, Contract review/automated due diligence, Document management, E-discovery, E-signature, IP, Legal knowledge, Legal research, litigation, relationship management/directory, Robot lawyer, Template customization…

This database contains 654 Legaltechs and Regtechs from all over the world. We’re continuously updating the data by working and sharing with the legal and compliance ecosystem. More date and more features will come in the coming months”, concludes Martin Fauvel, Day One Manager, in charge of the project.

The database is available on the following link:


About Day One:

Day One is a management consulting firm dedicated to legal & compliance:

  • Corporate functions (Compliance, Legal, Tax…)
  • Professional services (Accountants, auditors, consultants, lawyers…)

 We help our clients turn legal and compliance as a driver of competitive advantage and a means to reduce transaction cost, create and implement efficient organization mixing human and digital capabilities.

More information can be found at

Day One is available globally and has offices in Paris, New-York and Casablanca.

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