Marina Soyer

Senior Associate



After graduating from a master’s degree in labour law in Paris and an LLM from King’s College in London, Marina Soyer worked during three years as an in-house labour lawyer in companies of various sizes and purposes including two years in a Japanese firm. As a brand new analyst at Day One, she is strongly motivated to bring her experience in benefit of our clients, professional services firms and internal corporate departments.


At Vinci Autoroutes (Cofiroute), Ista and Keyence, she learned the multifaceted challenges that in-house lawyers can be faced with in their day to day relationships with their internal customers, management and teams. She will be very enthusiastic about helping you make these relationships as fruitful and efficient as possible.



Legal departments


Marina had the opportunity to work as a project manager at Wolters Kluwer (Lamy Formation) where she was in charge of creating and managing training designed for professional services firms and internal corporate departments (business law, transportation law, data & tech, hard & soft skills). This allowed her to widen the scope of the legal professions she used to collaborate with. She developed a passion for the topics relating to strategic, digital and organizational challenges faced by legal professions as well as sturdy project management skills.



Professional Services Firms


Marina takes part in helping law firms and consulting firms to align their organization with their strategy.


Master’s in Labour Law,

Paris I university, Sorbonne
General LLM

King’s College London

Languages spoken

English and French

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