Axel Jurgensen

Managing Partner | Day One Africa


Based in Casablanca, Morocco, Axel Jurgensen is Managing Partner of Day One Africa. He holds strong experience in setting up legal and compliance department policies, in developing management strategies for both corporate departments and professional services firms, and in training legal teams on soft skills’ enhancement.

Axel is also Board Member (General Secretary) and a founding member of the “Cercle Marocain des Directions Juridiques”, in-house lawyers Moroccan association.


Legal Department

Axel regularly advises Africa-based compliance and legal functions in the definition and implementation of their internal policies, such as contract policy, outside counsels’ policy, or asset management policy, as well as compliance program and code of conducts. He also assists his corporate clients in establishing processes designed to enhance knowledge sharing throughout the teams, to enhance performance, and to prevent internal systemic risks.

He has been conducting in particular several 360° diagnosis for legal departments, involving key in-house counsels and internal stakeholders, to produce concrete optimization recommendations. He has also assisted General Counsels navigating throughout the legal digital transformation path, as well as in defining their vision and mission, and in implementing tailored legal reporting tools, with relevant key performance indicators.



Law firms

Having been a marketing and business development manager in international business law firms for nearly 10 years, Axel has developed a strong knowledge of law firms’ key business development issues.

He therefore regularly advises local and international law firms in the establishment of their business development strategies, in particular with regards to their African development strategy. He also provides tailored business development trainings for Managing Partners and Partners and has assisted several law firms throughout Africa in the definition or amendment of governance and partnerships policy, compensation & benefit system and pricing strategy.



Master’s Degree (2) in General Jurisprudence and Theory of Law,

Université Paris X Nanterre
Paris X
Master’s Degree (1) in Private Law,

Université Paris X Nanterre
Paris X
Bachelor’s Degree (Licence) in French Modern Litterature,

Université Paris X Nanterre
Paris X

Published work

  • Study on Covid-19 and Legal Departments in Morocco, 2020
  • Mirror Study on Law firms / Legal Departments in Morocco: A shifting Relationship, 2017
  • Study on Legal and Regulatory Constraints for International Law Firms Establishments and Implementation in Africa, 2014
  • Bi-monthly columns published in Moroccan business weekly newspaper “La Vie Eco”, analyzing legal and compliance market trends and transformations, on topics such as : “Mapping Legal Digital Transformation”, “Creating a Compliance Function”, “Aligning Organization with Strategy in Law Firms”, “How to optimize Legal Cost”, “General Counsels as Lobbyists”, etc.
Conferences presentations
  • Casablanca Finance City Conference, 2020, Presentation on the “Importance of Compliance in a post-covid World”
  • LexisNexis Casablanca Business Law Forum, 2019, Presentation on “Digital Transformation trends for LD’s”
  • Compliance Symposium LexisNexis in Casablanca, 2018, Presentation on “Compliance as a Driver of competitive Advantage”
  • OHADA Seminar on Legal Performance and Companies Profitability, Abidjan, 2017, Presentation on “Major Trends and Challenges for Legal Departments”
  • Symposium LexisNexis in Casablanca on Investments and Legal Security in Africa, 2017, Presentation on “Tomorrow’s in-house Lawyers’ Role”

Languages spoken

English and French

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